A Natural Coloured Circular Sewn Lane Round Raffia Basket including Raffia Handles featuring a playful pink and purple pom pom detailing.
Basket Size:  40cm diameter x 5cm deep insert - 55cm including handles
Detailed Trim on front side only featuring:
2 sized Pom Poms - 5cm Large & 2cm Small in colours - Pink - White - Purple
Tassel & Pom Pom Trim using 2.5cm & 2cm multi coloured Pom Poms & Hot Pink Tassel String
Lined interior with clasp closure

Complimentary Gift with Basket - Silver & Hot Pink Vintage Bracelet 
Silver coloured square interlocking chain with white opaque detailed trim with hot pink strip
Bracelet Size:  16cm long x 3 cm wide - 22cm including clasps
Hot Pink Strip: 5cm long x .05cm wide
Clear Diamond Cut strip:  3cm long x 1cm wide
Decorative White Opaque centre piece:  6.5cm long x 3.5cm wide

Straw Fiesta Bag